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Greetings Fellow Lovebirds and Welcome!.Our singular most important goal is to get you to be able to say or hear those magic words – Marry-Me!

WE specialize in matchmaking clients who are READY, WILLING and ABLE to love and get married, without artificial constraints of national and cultural borders.
WE arrange national and international pairings, including USA, Britain, Asia and Africa.
WHETHER you want to meet someone just like you, in your own country, or exotic and abroad like George Clooney & Amal, the Kardashians or Prince Harry did, you have come to the right place. The time is NOW!
We specialize in catering to African American, Afro-Caribbean and
African women AND all those who want to love them
Meet Quality Singles
Love Without Borders
Dating Without Games
Social Mixers and other exciting events
We are in love with love and crazy about marriages.
We strive to create exciting mixers and events to get the love juices flowing.
We desire and create opportunities
We work with worldly, accomplished, educated, and attractive men and women.
We Have What It Takes To Find You “The One”
Premier Matchmaking Firm Providing Quality Introductions
Whether you are jetting off to Paris or meeting at the local gastronomy for your first date, Let us come with you on your journey!
Unashamedly go after what you want JUST DO IT!!
A Matchmaking, not a dating service
Peace of Mind
High calibre matches
Multi-Tiered Solutions
Economies of Time –focus on what you do best, let us focus on what we do best!
We also provide other specialized services:
Relationship coaching
Life coaching
Address any other stumbling blocks preventing love from finding you

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do I need a professional Matchmaker?

Matchmaking is a private individualized service provided by professional matchmakers to single clients, doing all the leg work for them, thus saving their valuable time and helping singles find real love connections, with dates who have been selected for compatibility and security screened. Very busy and/or prominent people need love too but prefer this type of targeted search with less exposure, more discretion, safety, and greater chances of success at finding their soulmate.

Client information provided to Matchmakers is not available for general dissemination o not provide their clients sites or information for ing services available. Some sites strictly involve a professional matchmaker that connects members with each other. Other sites give while also suggesting matches based on questionnaires. These questionnaires help match members with similar answers who are more likely to have common interests.


  1. Why not the regular dating sites?

Online dating sites provide an option to meet people, but there are potentially so many different types of sites and people to talk to. It can be exciting talking to and meeting so many new people, but proves to be a very time consuming exercise dealing with a wide range of people who have not been vetted for authenticity, so you bear the burden and risk of checking up on everything for yourself. For a small monthly fee, members can upload whatever they like, which could potentially include fake information and photos, and other members for the right fee can browse any and all profiles they wish. The sites make available on-line whatever people provide, with no responsibility, accountability, or privacy promised. Some people may chat for over 3 months before meeting even once only to then realize the incompatibility.

  1. Do I have to pay anything?

NO, not if you just want to sign up to join the 3MG database and receive newsletters as one of our All Hearts. All Hearts can still have unlimited matches and go on exciting dates if a paying member picks you. Fill out the questionnaires so that we know where to place you.  You could also attend other advertised paid events and may even qualify for Membership Discounts depending on your length of membership.

However, if you wish to get the 3MG exclusive matchmaking service, where we provide our customized service to scour the world to find you the perfect match, we have different membership packages and payment plans, for you to choose the most suitable option for you. Anyone can become a database member and then switch over at any time to a different plan as your needs change.

  1. What do I need to pay 3MG for your exclusive matchmaking services?

Well, the great news is that though we have a personalized service like the Millionaire Matchmaker on TV, you certainly don’t have to pay the Millionaire Matchmaker price tag to find love. Her fees are an average of $73,000 and up, while Elite and others charge $15,000/$25,000 for matches in one city, with additional fees for extra cities; $45,000 for a national search; and $150,000 for an international search; and their clients think it is worth every penny!. Most if not all of you on this site likely have tried the much cheaper Online dating options of around $34.99 for a 1-month membership or $16.99/ month for a 6-month membership, with unsatisfactory results; hence you are here still searching for that elusive Mr. Right.

3MG offers 5 Membership Packages (4 require payment) [Hyperlink] for you to choose from;

  • All Hearts – Free Database Membership while waiting for others to find you.
  • Relationship Ready Membership
  • Professional Membership
  • Premier Membership
  • Naija-4-Naija Membership a special Family Package for singles who approach the agency with their family matriarchs and/or patriarch and want them either to make an “arranged” match for them or be actively involved in the process.

Also, 3MG offers Singles Events and other coveted upscale mixers during the year, which are priced per event. Click on the membership link above for more information.

  1. What are Matchmakers’ success rates?

Matchmakers have high success rates when both parties honor the process with honest and complete answers, and engage with the matchmaker for open and ongoing communication. Getting focused really yields results in finding that love connection.  With 3MG, the world is your oyster!

  1. What do I need to do next to get started?
  2. Fill out the site membership Application Form and Questionnaires attached and be quite specific about yourself and what you are looking for in a soulmate.
  3. Upload at least 3 recent photosshowing various looks that showcase who you are, such as casual, executive, sporty, sexy, up close and full-body.
  • Select one 3MG plan out of the 5 choices: One we receive your application and photos you will get an outbound notification informing you that we received your information Mailchimp. If you have any technical issues please contact us here.
  1. Sign-Up: Fill out a detailed application on this website to be processed by our team.
  2. For our All Heart lovebirds, that is all. A member of our team will ONLY contact you to suggest an introduction IF you match a paid member’s request.
  3. What comes next for paid members?

For our Relationship Ready; Professional; Premier or Naija-4-Naija lovebirds:

  • You to set up an appointment Calendly calendar for a mutually convenient time to review your information,
  • then the 3MG team will contact you for the review, followed by
  • a one-on-one session with your matchmaker going through your love journey, ideal soulmate, deal breakers, and opportunities for growth or make-overs;
  • ongoing communication with our team as they scour our extensive database to find you potential matches, send you their profiles and photos for review, and arrange dates or mixers, according to your membership plan; and
  • Date debriefing after each date until you find THE ONE!
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